Resonation Entertainment Group is excited to announce the Artist Management Toolbox!  This tool was developed with streamlining the management side of the music industry.  This is a web application where you can track everything from gigs to finances, and it can be used by the artist manager or the independent artist without a manager.  Visit the toolbox page to get more information.


Music Company Resonation Entertainment is excited to announce that they are all set with their new EP named ‘The infinite Love Project’ and will be launching the same on May 31st on several popular musical platforms. The R & B musical project will feature the artist TBD while it is produced by Tellingbeatz. The project will consist of five songs titles, the dreamcatcher, No me, Infinite love, watch party and silent tears. The first song of the project, Dreamcatcher is already released on 7th of May 2015 and gained quite a popularity among the R & B music fans.

The Infinite Love project will be released on Amazon music, Tidal, iHeart radio, iTunes and Google play. The album will contain the best work of various talented artists from the R&B and Hip Hop genre. The theme of the album is based on love and ‘all we need in this world is love’ which will be pretty much reflected in the songs that are composed under the album.

The aim of the album is to spread a message of love and peace for all those who are face some of the common issues every day such as bullying, racism, discrimination due to the hatred in people. The purpose of this album is to bring some attention to these issues and support the organisations in resolving them. To achieve the same, a portion of album’s proceeds will also be donated to charity.

Over the years, the music industry has changed and evolved a lot yet there has been a little dearth of good quality music recently. Resonation Entertainment Group has considered this scenario and works with an aim to bring good quality music to the people by using high sound quality, inspirational messaging, innovative beats, passion, and love.The company is focused on artist development, artist management, songwriting and music production representing genres such as Hip Hop, R&B, Rock, Pop, Reggae, Gospel, and Neosoul.


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