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The Infinite Love Project - EP has been completed.  The album contains the work of various talented artist, from R&B to Hip Hop.  This EPs key message is love!  All we need in the world is love (abundant and unconditional).  There are so many issues that face on a daily basis; racism, bullying, abuse, etc.  The purpose of this album is to bring attention to these issues and support organizations that have the same mission/objectives.  NOTE:  A portion of the album's proceeds will be donated to charity (to be identified).


  1. Dreamcatcher (1st single - released 7/7/15)
  2. No Me
  3. Infinite Love
  4. Watch Party
  5. Silent Tears

Genre:  R&B

Performed By:  K Dean

Producer: Tellingbeatzz



Infinite Love
Genre:  R&B

Performed By:  Annabelle

Producer: Tellingbeatzz


No Me
Genre:  R&B

Performed By:  SmoothPerry

Producer:  HRB Productions


Watch Party
Genre: R&B/Pop/Hip Hop/Reggae

Performed By:  David Luther King/Curtis

Producer: HRB Productions

Silent Tears
Genre: R&B
Performed By:  Tilly
Producer: HRB Productions


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