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NATASHIA "TASHIA" BREWER, founder and CEO of Resonation Entertainment Group, was born September 4th in the District of Columbia.  Growing up in Washington, DC Natashia had her share of trials and tribulations. She discovered her love for music at the age of 5, while living in an apartment behind the Howard Theatre.  Natashia was intrigued by the melodious sounds that resonated from that historical building.  During her formative years, her mom became addicted to drugs and her dad was an alcoholic. She struggled with self-esteem, image, and acceptance issues. The first year at Eastern Senior High School was rough.  Natashia became very rebellious - cutting class, drinking, and doing things that should not have been done (like running away from home). She eventually found something to keep her attention and focus and that was joining the marching band where she was a flag girl for three years. During this time, her musical ear was developed.  Things were going okay, but there were still challenges.  On May 12 1992 there was no band practice and Natashia was going somewhere she normally would not go and she was shot during a drive by shooting incident. At that moment she realized she needed to get her life together. She made some changes, graduated high school, and started working full time as a secretary in the Federal Government.   

She was working and taking college courses but there were missing pieces to the puzzle (she wasn’t fulfilled).  Time went by and she had more issues and challenges. There were three events between 1996 & 1997 that were very impactful to her life:  got into trouble; lost her mother to cancer; and the birth of her son.  She always says to this day that her son saved her life during this dark time.  Taking care of her son and writing became the avenue to help her through. Phrases became poems and poems became lyrics and lyrics became songs. She knew that one day she would share her creations with the world.

Natashia continued to work and advance in her career as an IT project manager for a healthcare company. However, she loved music with every fiber of her being and knew she wanted to do something in the music industry.  She could no longer ignore her calling.  After much soul searching and research, she determined that she would establish her own entertainment company.  Natashia looked up to industry moguls, such as, Russell Simmons, Sean “Diddy” Combs, and Shawn “JayZ” Carter. She was inspired by their drive, devotion, and accomplishments.

Since Natashia didn’t like the direction of the music today, she created the company Resonation Entertainment Group in 2014. The company offers the following services: artist development, artist management, Songwriting, music publishing, and music production. The company released the Infinite Love Project EP in May 2016 on iTunes, Google Play, and other outlets. The overall message of the album is love and Natashia’s message is love. Love can solve a lot of the issues of the world - all we need is love.  She has faith, confidence and vision that the movement will be a massive success. 

Natashia’s innate talents as producer, songwriter, manager, innovative thinker, and CEO put her in a position to become one of the “greats”.  She has an ear for recognizing talent and developing innovative music.  Under the direction on Natashia, her company is poised to produce a new sound throughout the music industry.  Natashia wants to inspire people and let them know that they can move beyond their circumstances. Everything that was laid before her would seem she would lose, but she recognized her value and purpose and is in it to win.

Natashia Brewer is confident, motivated, positive, determined, intelligent, hard working, and a gifted woman.  In addition to the many hats she wears, she is also a dedicated wife and mother of two children. 

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What She Does...

Tashia is one of the founding contributing authors of the Unstoppable Warrior Woman book, curated by Bershan Shaw

(International Motivational Speaker)

Tashia is a

  • Songwriter
  • Music Producer
  • Author
  • Speaker
  • Life Coach