• Try to avoid noise (acoustic and electrical are the two main)
  • Acoustic - Recording the instrument in a space. Get quiet and listen to the space.  Move away from noisy sources.  Create an isolated space for recording.  Turn off noisy sources like A/C, TV, heating, etc.  Use gain stages – boost level electrically as little as possible.  Try to move mic closer to the source instead of increasing gain.  Choose a directional microphone to isolate the source.  NOTE:  There are tools that can be used in the mixing process that can reduce noise.
  • Electrical – self noise, specification will be in the instrument manual. To reduce use fewer pieces of gear. Use shorter cable. Use balanced cables. Turn off appliances and dimmers. Use high quality gear.

Music Production

Need to add music to the lyrics that you have written with everything in you.  We can find the write beat to bring your song to life - to take it to the next level.  Let's create some fire.

If you want more information, send an email to nbrewer@resonationentertainment.com.  Various terms are available.

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