MISCONCEPTION #1 - an artist manager's role is not to fund your career.  Most managers salary is commission based (general 10 - 15% of their clients earnings).  Based on this fact, most managers look to represent established acts.  If you don't make money, they don't make money.

Fact of the week!

As your personal manager we will take a much more hands-on approach regarding helping you reach fans directly, and assisting and assist you with building your own business.  Whether it is running your own recording, publishing, merchandising, or performing/touring operations - your talent should be handled as a business. Even though (for certain types of “mainstream” artists/musicians/songwriters) traditional Record and Publishing deals may still make some sense, the deals that most managers pursue for clients are in the areas of sponsorship, branding, merchandising, and/or licensing. Therefore, our job while helping clients run their own “companies” is to help figure out which deals (if any) complement the clients’ independent operations and fit into their long-term career plans.

Are you ready to take your career to the next level and need a manager?  If so, please send the following information to nbrewer@resonationentertainment.com:

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