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Resonation Entertainment Group in partnership with The Nibor Group now offers its audio series titled “14 Days of  Affirmations To Promote Self-Love”.  This audio series provides a daily affirmation, poem and goal for 14 days.  These affirmations will be your go to tool for ensuring you live a life with balance, joy, and abundance.  Loving yourself is very important.  Without self-love, you can make BS decisions and accept BS.  It all starts with you!  Get the volume one of the audio series today for $5.99!

Much Love!

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Location: TBD

Time:  1:00 pm / Show: 2:00 pm  |  Tickets from $35

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  • 14 Days of Affirmation to promote self-love released - see below.

  • Infinite Love Official Video just released - click here

  • The Infinite Love project is now available on Amazon Music, iTunes, Tidal, iHeart Radio, and Google Play - get your copy. 

  • Available Now - The Music Career Development Guide (Download NOW).  Go to the Guide tab.

  • The Artist Management Toolbox is in the final stages of testing.  Stay connected to get information as it becomes available.

We at Resonation Entertainment Group feel there is a lack of good quality music on the market today. Therefore, our objective is to solve this issue by synthesizing a better sound: through inspirational messaging, innovative beats, love, and passion.

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Our goal is also helping to make artist dreams come true.  Share in the great experience of that of the Nation!  Let's make some fire.